Pickups Make for the Sexiest Drivers

Ditch that mail truck or green minivan, a survey says.

Women say attractive men tend to drive black Ford pickup trucks, while men gravitate toward women driving red BMW sports cars, according to Insure.com

Mail trucks were at the bottom of the list of cars that attractive men drive, and pickup trucks were at the top. Men said the least attractive women drive minivans.

Pickup trucks (32%) took the top spot for cars that women say are driven by attractive men, with sports cars (27%) in second place. The crowd starts falling away from the top two, with SUVs (16%) a distant third, followed by sedans (11%) and a hybrid or electric vehicle (9%). Drivers of UPS trucks don’t do at all well (4%), but they’re ahead of minivan drivers (2%) and the guy behind the wheel of the mail truck (1%).

The top makes of cars driven by attractive men, said the women surveyed, were Ford (16%), Chevrolet (13%) and Porsche (11%). Women overwhelmingly chose black (53%) as the color of car driven by good-looking guys, followed by silver (16%) and red (13%).

Men considered the most attractive women to be driving a sports car (39%) or possibly a sedan (22%) or an SUV (20%). The pickup truck, which draws women like magnets, has the opposite effect on men, with just 10% of survey respondents saying they find this an attractive driving choice for women. Hybrids or electric vehicles (6%) are not a good choice for the woman who wants to attract a guy, and they’re only marginally more appealing than a minivan (4%).

The top three makes of cars driven by attractive women, as ranked by men, were BMW (16%), Mercedes-Benz (14%) and Porsche (10%). The top colors were the same as they were for women, but differently ordered. Red is the top choice (40%), followed by black (23%) and silver (14%).

Top turn-offs were equally shared by men and women: cigarette butts in the ashtray tops the list of no-nos, followed by trash on the seats and playing bad, loud music. The survey did not specify what qualifies as bad music.

Insure.com conducted its online survey of 2,000 licensed drivers at least 18 (and split evenly between men and women across age groups and regions) and asked them to rank styles of car, make and color.