NY Money Manager Opens Doors with $9B AUM

 Global Thematic Partners (GTP), an independent investment management firm that focuses on worldwide thematic investments, has launched with approximately $9 billion in assets under management.

A news release said the New York-based firm will be headed by Oliver Kratz, portfolio manager and chief executive officer.

The firm’s flagship strategy, the Global Thematic Equity product, is focused on identifying enduring themes that influence the valuation and cash flows of companies worldwide. GTP forms partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional information sources, including industry experts, academics, and companies around the world to identify and capitalize on investable themes and opportunities.

“We believe that big shifts in economics, social science and – above all – natural science are highly non-linear developments,” said Kratz, in the announcement. “Seeking inflection points on the s-curve and uncovering hidden optionality are integral to our investment process.”

Kratz brings more than 16 years of investment experience at companies including Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust. He will be supported by ten research analysts.

According to the news release, GTP focuses on global thematic and agribusiness strategies, blending a thematic framework with security-level analysis and customized valuation techniques. The firm conducts primary research to identify investable themes, with a current repertoire of 13 themes that provide clients with diversification benefits and help create opportunities for outperformance over a market cycle.

The firm serves both institutional and retail clients globally, working with institutional clients through separately managed accounts and retail investors through sub-advised pooled funds.

More information is at www.gtpartners.com.