SPARK Institute Wants Extension for New 403(b) Regs

The SPARK Institute has filed a 13-page comment letter with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the new 403(b) retirement savings plan regulations, asking for an extension of the effective date for compliance and guidance on the treatment of contracts and information sharing agreements (ISAs).

IMHO: Marshal Law

When a co-worker forwarded to me an e-mail about Eliot Spitzer’s alleged tie with a prostitution ring last week, I thought it was a joke.

ING Lays out Action Plan for 403(b)

ING presented information during a Web cast on Friday that gives sponsors, and the advisers who help them, an outline of the impact of the 403(b) regulations and an action plan for dealing with them.

American Funds and California AG End Revenue Sharing Litigation

California’s Attorney General and Capital Research and Management Company, the investment adviser to the American Funds family of mutual funds, have entered into an agreement to withdraw their three-year-old lawsuits against each other involving disclosure of broker revenue sharing agreements.

IMHO: Utility “Bill″

While it’s been a relatively mild winter here (and it’s not over yet), it’s been cold enough—and our house old enough—that opening the various utility bills has been akin to a monthly exercise in economic roulette.

SEC Settles Charges Over Broker Gifts With Fidelity

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that Fidelity Investments agreed to pay an $8 million penalty in connection with charges 13 current or former employees improperly took more than $1.6 million in gifts by brokers.

SEC Proposes Easing of ETF Regulations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed two new rules under the Investment Company Act to allow exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to operate without first getting SEC exemptive orders.

IMHO: The Not-So-Fine Print

If you watch commercial TV (that is to say, TV with commercials), you’ve no doubt been struck by the proliferation of ads for various prescription medicines.