New Fund Seeks Stocks Poised to Double in a Year

SBAuer Funds has launched the Auer Growth Fund (AUERX), which looks for stocks poised to double in value within a year.

Father and son team Bryan and Robert Auer plan to actively manage the fund, anticipating turnover of 200% or an average holding time of six months, according to a company announcement. The Auers’ proprietary multi-step stock screening process looks for companies exhibiting specific characteristics which the Auers believe is indicative of 100% growth within 12 months.

By focusing on individual stocks that are undervalued with strong growth potential, the fund offers investors a good alternative for their money whether the market is up or down, the announcement said. The strategy is highly disciplined and repeatable, requiring stocks meet a number of established criteria, regardless of style or company size.

Investments in the fund require a minimum initial investment of $10,000 and can be made through E*Trade, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and Scottrade. A prospectus can be requested by calling 888-711-AUER (2837).