Narcissists Have More Facebook Friends

If you update your Facebook status hourly and have thousands of friends, beware: You may be a narcissist.

Western Illinois University conducted a study, published in the Journal “Personality and Individual Differences,” that shows a link between the number of Facebook friends you have/your activity level on the site and the likelihood of being a “socially disruptive narcissist.”

Individuals who have more Facebook friends, tag themselves in photos and update their status often were more likely to be narcissistic.

The study was conducted among 300 participants, who took a Narcissistic Personality Inventory questionnaire.

According to the study’s author, people who self-promote on Facebook show signs of two narcissistic behaviors: grandiose exhibition, which refers to people who love to be the center of attention; entitlement/exploitativeness, which indicates how far people will go to get respect and attention they think they deserve.