Mutual Funds See Decrease in Fund Flows for November

Stock and bond funds experienced net inflows of $17.4 billion in November, down from the $29.8 billion they brought in the month before, according to monthly data from the Financial Research Corporation (FRC).

According to the data, International Global funds again stayed in the lead, with net inflows of $13.3 billion, followed by Corporate funds, with a $7 billion net intake. Domestic Equity funds changed courses again, and posted net flows of $685 million (See Domestic Equity Reverses Course in October). Government funds had a net outflow of $4.2 billion.

By Morningstar category, Intermediate-Term Bond funds took in $5.4 billion in assets in November, while Foreign Large Blend funds posted net inflows of $3.2 billion and Large Blend funds experienced net inflows of $2.5 billion.

American Funds moved up to the top spot, making it the best selling fund group for the month of November with an intake of $6.1 billion. Vanguard Group funds followed, with $4.9 billion in net inflows. Fidelity Distributors funds, with $3.2 billion; and Barclays Global Investors Funds, with $2 billion rounded out the top five.

The best selling funds in November were American Funds’ American Capital Income Builder, with $1.3 billion; Dodge and Cox’s Dodge & Cox International Stock, with $1.17 billion and Fidelity Distributors’ Fidelity Sp Tot Mk, with $1.09 billion.

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