Most Overrated Jobs of 2015

A survey points out some downsides to jobs you might have once dreamed about.

High salary potential, excitement and glamour may be tradeoffs for the stress, competition and industry volatility inherent in many of the most overrated professions, according to a recent study by

These careers and jobs make the ranking not because they aren’t great, rewarding fields but because, CareerCast claims, “there’s perhaps more than meets the eye.”

Consider event coordinator, one of the fastest growing professions tracked by both the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Jobs Rated report: Much pressure goes into being a successful event coordinator, and the report ranks the job as the seventh-most stressful profession.

Similarly, public relations manager lands on the list for the stress inherent in absorbing the stress of clients, while advertising account executives and management consultants both deal in turning the abstract into tangible action—often a tough task.

The hiring outlook for attorneys is fair, but the job market is challenging. Recent law school graduates are burdened with debt and taking on other work while searching for opportunities in the legal industry.

Among other fields and findings:

  • Architects have a relatively high projected growth outlook, but the industry’s hiring depends more on economic factors than in some other fields. As the recession demonstrated, construction is especially susceptible to marketplace volatility.
  • Sales representatives can expect a job market dictated by sometimes unpredictable fiscal factors, adding to the inherent competitiveness of the profession.
  • Underrated professions include accountant, environmental engineer and human resources manager.