Morningstar Unveils Fixed-Income Indexes

Morningstar, Inc. plans to come out with a family of fixed income indexes, which can be licensed to institutions for the creation of investment vehicles including such things as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and derivative securities.

The investment research firm will launch the initial indexes, which will cover the core fixed income categories of US Treasury and corporate bonds, in the first quarter.

Eric Jacobson, a mutual fund analyst for the company for more than a decade, will head the development of the Morningstar Fixed Income Indexes.

“While there are numerous fixed-income indexes available today, most of them are difficult to replicate in an investment vehicle because their holdings are so vast and many of their securities are illiquid,’ Jacobson said in the release. He also said non-institutional investors have a hard time getting performance data on most fixed-income indexes.

Credit Suisse will be the calculation agent for the Morningstar Fixed Income Indexes.