Metcalfe Resigns as WMSI CEO

Automated rollover provider Wealth Management Systems Inc. (WMSI) has appointed John Geli as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Geli, who most recently served as WMSI’s Chief Operating Officer and will begin his tenure as CEO effective September 1, 2007. He succeeds Jude Metcalfe as CEO of WMSI. Metcalfe has resigned his position, but will remain a shareholder in WMSI, working closely with Geli to ensure a smooth transition in executive leadership, according to a press release. Tom Loch will continue as WMSI’s President and Chairman of the Board and BJ Ralston will assume the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer.

Geli has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, having held various senior level positions with Mellon Financial Corporation, Bankers Trust Company and Fidelity.