Legg Mason Offers ‘R’ Shares for Mutual Funds

Legg Mason has announced it will offer "R" shares for 11 of its mutual funds, effective December 1, 2006.

According to a news release, the move means investors in small- to mid-sized retirement plans will have the opportunity to invest in the funds. Legg Mason said in the announcement it already offers share-class pricing options targeted at medium- sized to large retirement plans, as well as micro-market plans.

According to the announcement, R shares will be offered for the following funds:

  • Legg Mason Value Trust,

  • Legg Mason Opportunity Trust,

  • Legg Mason Growth Trust,

  • Legg Mason Special Investment Trust,

  • Legg Mason International Equity Trust,

  • Legg Mason Partners Aggressive Growth Fund,

  • Legg Mason Partners Large Cap Growth Fund,

  • Legg Mason Partners Appreciation Fund,

  • Legg Mason Small Cap Growth Fund,

  • Legg Mason Partners Core Plus Bond Fund, and

  • Legg Mason Partners Core Bond Fund.