Jefferies Introduces Small and Mid-Cap Specialty Indices

Jefferies&Company, Inc has announced the introduction of 20 proprietary equity indices to track the performance of small- and mid-cap companies, both domestic and global.

According to the announcement, the new indices include performance benchmarks of IPOs, companies that have recently repurchased shares or emerged from bankruptcy, and companies in the clean technology and energy sectors, among others. Standard & Poor’s has been chosen by Jefferies to calculate the new suite of indices.

The new indices will provide a tool for assessing the performance of unique market segments, and will serve as benchmarks for small- and mid-cap-focused portfolios, the company said.

In addition to specialty indices that benchmark the performance of companies that have recently undergone IPOs and companies with high levels of share repurchases and short interest, Jefferies is providing broader market benchmarks for micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap stock performance to facilitate relative performance comparisons across the Jefferies family of indices.

Jefferies also introduced a number of indices benchmarking emerging opportunities in the clean technologies and alternative energies sectors, such as the Jefferies Global Clean Technology Index – a composite index of nearly 50 leading small- and mid-cap companies engaged in clean technology worldwide, which includes companies engaged in solar and wind energy, and providers of biofuels, batteries, fuel cells, microturbines, enzymes and catalysts, and crops and seeds. In addition, targeted sub-indices will track companies focused on energy generation, energy storage and industrial biotechnology.

For the oil and gas, oil service and maritime shipping industries, Jefferies introduced a set of targeted energy indices, including:

  • Jefferies North American Small/Midcap E&P Index,

  • Jefferies Global Oil Service Index,

  • Jefferies Global Drilling Contractor Index, and

  • Jefferies US Tanker Index.

More information about Jefferies’ indices is at