Janus Twenty Fund to Change Skippers

Janus Capital Group Inc. has announced that Scott Schoelzel, portfolio manager of Janus Twenty Fund, will leave the firm at the end of 2007.
Schoelzel, who also manages Janus Adviser Forty Fund, Janus Aspen Forty Portfolio and related products for retail and institutional clients and non-US investors, and who recently celebrated his 10th anniversary at the helm of Janus Twenty Fund, will take some time off before deciding his future plans. He has been with Janus 14 years.
Janus CEO Gary Black said Schoelzel has made significant contributions to the company’s success during his 14 years with Janus and that he’ll leave a lasting impression on the firm. “Scott has had a stellar investment career. His 10-year track record on Janus Twenty distinguishes him as one of the premier investors in our industry,’ Black said. “We appreciate his commitment to Janus and wish him well in the next chapter of his life.’

According to a press release, between now and year’s end, Schoelzel will begin transitioning the funds to his successor, Ron Sachs, who currently manages Janus Orion Fund and other related portfolios.

Since Schoelzel became Janus Twenty Fund portfolio manager in August 1997, the fund has ranked in the 2nd percentile (4 out of 215) of its Large-Cap Growth Lipper peers on a total-return basis as of July 31, 2007. According to a press release, for the same 1-, 3-, 5- and 10-year periods, Janus Twenty Fund has ranked in the 10th, 1st, 1st and 2nd percentiles (68 out of 720, 2 out of 614, 2 out of 501, 4 out of 205) of its Lipper peers, respectively, based on total returns.

Sachs will step down as Janus Orion portfolio manager, which he has managed since its June 2000 inception, and its related portfolios and assume responsibility for Janus Twenty Fund, Janus Adviser Forty Fund, Janus Aspen Forty Portfolio, Janus Capital Funds plc – Janus US Twenty Fund, and accounts in the Institutional Concentrated Growth discipline.
Sachs will be succeeded by John Eisinger, a Janus equity research analyst and contributor on Janus Research Fund.