Summer 2007

Beneath the Surface

If you are thinking about changing affiliations, ask yourself these five questions before you accept a tempting offer

Know Way?

What they don't know can "hurt" you

Deferred Gratification

Final section 409A regulations are complicated, but offer opportunities for advisers

From the Front Lines

Front-line experiences, be they silly, stupid, or just plain bizarre, can help you appreciate the normalcy of a 'regular' day.

Team Building

Whether in your affiliation, preferred provider relationships, or participant education, with whom you choose to do business matters

Hard to Fit

Despite interest by clients, ETFs are not a slam dunk in retirement plans

Out of Sight?

What can a relationship with the custodian of a plan's assets offer retirement plan advisers?

The Big Picture

Getting participants to swallow a more holistic approach to planning requires employers, employees, and advisers to get it together—and get in touch with reality

Talking Points

Tired of giving the same old presentations? Use these nuggets of information to spruce them up.