Exit Strategies

Practical wisdom for practice leaders making a change

fiduciary fitness

Proceed with Caution

A sometimes overlooked provision applies when terminating 401(k) plans
dean's list

“Right” Minded

One of the most common—and consistent—inquiries I receive (via e-mail, anyway) is from readers looking for help in choosing a plan provider.
sales champ

Selling Recovery

With participants’ initial panic over, advisers can help them bring their accounts back to life and get back on track in the downturn’s wake
talking points

Talking Points

Tired of giving the same old presentations? Use these nuggets of information to spruce them up.
chalk talk

The Value of Difference

No one business model is “the best”; everyone thrives by virtue of being different


Articles that appeared in the Trendspotting section of the magazine

Turn Abouts

Every time I turn around lately, it seems there is another news alert in my inbox about 401(k) fees, whether it is some progress being made in Congress...
cover story

Walking a Tightrope

Figuring out how much to charge and knowing whether it’s reasonable
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