Sept-oct 2008

Advice Is Value Added

The role of financial planning is becoming more important in client relationships

Best of Both Worlds

Once the province of large plans, "hybrid" cash balance now makes sense for micro plans

Business Travel Budgets Tighten

Many businesses are changing travel policies because of higher prices and a down economy, and they are taking steps such as staying at cheaper hotels, according to a survey by Orbitz for Business and Business Traveler magazine.

Gold Mettle

By the time you read this column, the Olympics will likely be a distant memory, but already there have been exciting finishes and new world records.

Murky Waters

How to work (a) with, (b) around, (c) through your compliance department

Out in the Open

DoL completes three-part package of disclosure regulations

Providers Unsuccessful at Retaining DC Plan Assets

Due to insufficient focus on retention, the inability to reach the plan participant at the appropriate time, and failure to build a relationship with the participant prior to retirement, defined contribution (DC) plan service providers are largely unsuccessful at retaining participant assets after retirement, according to a study from the Diversified Services Group (DSG).

Talking Points

Tired of giving the same old presentations? Use these nuggets of information to spruce them up.

The Inside Story

It's up to advisers to help sponsors and participants understand in-plan 'guaranteed' income products

The Right Pieces

Advisers share their preferences for building a plan investment lineup


Articles that appeared in the Trendspotting section of the magazine

Women Could Face More Savings Shortfalls than Men

Recent research from Hewitt Associates says both women and men are on track to replace 85% of pay at retirement, assuming average life expectancy; however, women need to replace 130% of their final pay, while men need to replace 123% of pay at retirement.