PLANADVISER September/october 2019

A Time of Change

Advisers have a variety of strategies to evolve their firm—from good partnerships at the plan level to well-thought-out M&A’s.

App Appeal

How to up the technology’s power to engage.

Talking Points

Loan Limit Countdown With changes made under the 2018 Bipartisan Budget Act, sponsors may still set limits on plan loans and hardship withdrawals until December 31, 2020. Source: IRS...

Talking Points

Worry Forecast What advisers predict will be clients’ 3 greatest worries for the next 12 months, and what clients say those actually are: Source: Nationwide Advisory Solutions, “Advisor Authority...

2019 PLANADVISER National Conference

One adviser stressed the importance of making sure plan sponsors and their committee members understand what annuities are and that there is no one solution for all plans. Other...