PLANADVISER November/december 2022

Truly Participant Focused

Those in the retirement plan industry have recently increased their focus on participants. Retirement plan recordkeepers, investment managers, plan sponsors, and advisers and consultants throw the word “outcomes” around...

Measure Your Footprint

How some plan advisers embrace sustainability in their practice.

Legislative and Judicial Actions

SEC Vets Adviser Outsourced ServicesOn October 26, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed new rules requiring that financial-planning and wealth-management advisers vet and monitor vendors to which they outsource...

Miscalculated Longevity Risk

Americans’ projections about their own life expectancy often miss the mark, which can create problems as to at what rate they’ll be able to spend when planning their retirement and lifestyle goals.

On the Move

 ➜ Prudential Financial  promoted Andy Sullivan to head of international businesses and PGIM. Caroline Feeney will be promoted to executive vice president and head of U.S. businesses.➜ Oppenheimer &...

Talking Points

A Record COLA Adjustment Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries will get an 8.7% cost of living increase to their benefits in 2023, the greatest given in 40...

Built to Last

Fundamentals for crafting—and retaining—a solid advisory team.

Narrowing the Gender Gap

What will it take to attract more women to plan advisory work, and for them to stick with it as a career? “I think the first step, even before...

Cyber Ready

Foil potential breaches with strong data security practices.

Keep a High Profile

Advisers can’t sell themselves without a social media presence.

Strategic Moves

Joining a ‘conglomerate’ firm doesn’t always aid succession planning.

Sheri Fitts

Like it or not, marketing is necessary.
Art by Tim Bower

The Value of a VCOC

Investing ERISA plan money via a venture capital operating company.