PLANADVISER January/february 2022

What’s Good for Them

If clients ask to add digital investments to their plan, the adviser needs to stress prudence.

Legislative and Judicial Actions

The DOL denies general support for private equity; the Supreme Court sends ‘Northwestern’ back to the appeals court; the PBGC funds a second failing pension; and more.

Take Action for Change

The events of the past few years have helped supercharge efforts to address the longstanding and concerning lack of diversity and inclusion in the financial services industry.

On the Move

Transactions, promotions and new hires in the financial advisory industry.

Talking Points

of respondents in a recent study by Fidelity Investments said they kept their financial resolutions for 2021, up from 58% in 2020. This suggests that actions taken at the...
Art by Mar Hernández

The Virtual Reality

Most plans offer digital access, yet participant engagement lags—what can advisers do?
PAJF22 Plan Design_Harry Campbell-web

Getting to Yes

When alignment on plan-design changes requires overcoming common objections.

A Share of the Wealth

Each employee gains with an ESOP or a KSOP—how to transform a client’s plan.
Art by Daniel Shaffer

The Full View

The merits of pulling in participants’ external financial information.

Life Happens

When participants have no choice but to draw from their retirement plan.

Keith J. Gredys

On Kidder Advisers’ approach to personalized wellness.