January-February 2010

Lockton Dallas

David W. Altimont, Lucas M. Barton, Courtney Stroope, Erika Chavez, Kim Pacheco (Dallas, Texas)

Lost in Translation

Plan sponsors are looking for advisers who know how to reach out to the ever-growing Hispanic-American population.

Projection Screen?

More than the subtleties of the law, the nuances of crafting a cogent legal brief, and the humiliations that often accompany the public exercise of the Socratic method, surely the most intimidating aspect of my law school experience—certainly in the first year—was the grading.

Rick Wedge

Northgate Benefits, an NRP member firm (Novato, California)

Suiting Up

There’s now no denying it; retirement plan advisers are fiduciaries, or will be soon

Talking Points

Tired of giving the same old presentations? Use these nuggets of information to spruce them up.

The Prince Group

Douglas Prince, Brea Dantin, Deana Harmon, Jillian Grimm, Joe Copeland, Ben Donathen, Sue Platt (Indianapolis, Indiana)


Articles that appeared in the Trendspotting section of the magazine.