iPhone or iPad? Who Uses What the Most?

Pet owners, small-business owners and moms are enthusiastic users of iPads, research found.

A study of iOS users shows how iPad and iPhone adoption breaks down among specific groups. The survey by analytics firm Flurry sheds some light on what Apple’s most popular portable devices are used for, having broken down users by persona, such as “business professionals,” “bookworms” and “TV lovers.”

“Pet owners” were the top category for iPad users, with 70% favoring the tablet. Next-most popular was “small-business owners.” More than half (60%) use iPads. “Moms” came in third in the category of iPad over iPhone users, with “casual simulation gamers” fourth and “home design enthusiasts” fifth.

From there, the split among iPhone and iPad is about 50/50, before the iPhone begins to dominate among “entertainment enthusiasts.”

Among other findings:

  • The popularity of iOS devices by persona shows the iPhone is hot among “value shoppers,” while “singles” come in second and “hip urban lifestyle” takes third;
  • Data show that “on the move” personas are more likely to be on their iPhone, while the iPad’s larger size makes it less ideal for mobile activities; and
  • The iPad is most popular for education, Apple’s Newsstand feature, games and reference. The iPhone is users’ go-to choice for navigation, health and fitness, and photos and videos.

iPad use peaks between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. The iPhone also peaks during that time, but user engagement remains higher after 10 p.m. iPhone users most likely have their device at bedside or may be out for a late night, the study suggests.