Hewitt Combines Middle-Market Offerings

Hewitt has announced it will combine its mid-market health and welfare outsourcing platform, Core Benefits Administration (CBA), with its existing mid-market retirement solutions.

Led by Craig Maloney, the expanded division will focus exclusively on the needs of companies in the middle-market segment, according to a press release. The company said the move will allow it to serve middle-market clients with greater focus and collaboration, supported by Hewitt’s broader human-resources outsourcing and consulting solutions.

“Integrating our CBA platform with our other mid-market retirement solutions and developing a new Web portal enables us to create a world-class customer experience,” said Jay Rising, Hewitt’s president of global benefits outsourcing. “Looking ahead for our refined mid-market offer, we’re well-positioned to more effectively serve middle-market companies in a way that is consistent with the leading human resources expertise we’re recognized for in the large market.”