FPA to Offer Members Omyen Software at Discount

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has licensed technology from Omyen, which it will offer to its members at a discount.

The platforms include financial planning, client acquisition, and workplace advice and guidance—all of which can be tailored to different age groups and goals. The tool for acquiring new clients, the Omyen Personal Financial Index (PFI), for instance, can be branded to each adviser. Within 10 minutes, investors can gauge their financial health via a PFI score.

Data from the PFI is them seamlessly ported over to the Omyen Wealth Planner, which shows participants what kind of income and cash flow they can expect in retirement. It was recently augmented with additional information on health care costs.

The Omyen Retirement Savings Planner guides advisers on establishing personal asset allocation for each participant.

“FPA is committed to help its members grow and thrive professionally by providing them with access to the latest in practice management tools,” said Lauren M. Schadle, associate executive director and chief operations officer at the FPA. “FPA members will now have a cost-effective option to leverage Omyen’s financial planning and workplace technologies to more effectively guide their clients.”