Fiduciary360 Taps Aikin as CEO

Fiduciary360 has announced that founder and former CEO Donald B. Trone will focus his efforts on the now independent Foundation for Fiduciary Studies.

Trone maintains the President title at the foundation, while Blaine F. Aikin as been named CEO of Fiduciary360, an organization promoting fiduciary responsibility, according to a company announcement. “I am excited to be leading (Fiduciary360) into its very promising future,” said Aikin.

The announcement said the move is the result of a long-contemplated decision by the Sewickley, Pennsylvania-based Fiduciary360 to further separate operations of its training and Web-based tools services from the research-based foundation.

The news release said the change also gives Trone, 53, a greater opportunity to focus his time on researching and improving the fiduciary industry’s best practices.

Aikin, 53, joined Fiduciary360 in March 2005 as the Director of Training. Aikin received his Masters of Public Management and Policy degree from the Heinz School of Carnegie-Mellon University.