ETFs Gain $20B in May

U.S.-listed ETF assets rose by approximately $20 Billion in May with International, Style, Size, Specialty and Broad Market ETFs experiencing considerable asset growth.
State Street Global Advisors’ (SSgA) latest monthly statistical report indicated that International, Style, Size, Specialty and Broad Market ETFs enjoyed gains of $6 billion, $5 billion, $5 billion, $2 billion and $1 billion respectively.
As of May 31, 2007, 507 ETFs in the U.S. were managed by 16 ETF managers, with assets totaling approximately $480 billion. Overall, industry assets increased by about 4%.
Thirty-two new ETFs were launched during May. State Street launched five ETFs tracking domestic fixed income market segments. BGI, Van Eck, Claymore, and First Trust Advisors launched 5, 1, 1 and 20, respectively.
In terms of managers, Barclays Global Investors (BGI) had the largest AUM with $284 billion in 136 ETFs, followed by State Street with $104 billion in 58 ETFs.
International ETFs saw assets grow by over $6 billion in May. iShares MSCI (EFA) was the category leader, contributing over $1 billion in asset growth.
Also in May, according to the SSgA report:
  • style ETFs showed strong growth for the month, adding over $5 billion.
  • size ETFs continued their growth, collectively adding approximately $5 billion.
  • sector ETFs slid this month, losing approximately $401 million.
  • specialty ETFs gathered assets for the month, adding over $2 billion.
As a group, sector-based ETFs experienced a loss of $401 million in assets. Health Care added the greatest assets for the period, climbing by $436 million.
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