Emerging Markets Perform Well in Q207

Second quarter returns of the world’s emerging markets outpaced that of the developed markets, according to Standard&Poor’s global stock market review, The World By Numbers.

An S&P news release said emerging equity markets rose 14.81% during the second quarter of 2007 versus 6.82% for developed equity markets. Over the past 12 months, emerging markets have returned 49.8% compared to 24.4% posted by developed markets.

During the second quarter, 23 of the 25 emerging markets finished in positive territory with an average gain of 16.99%, while Jordan (-8.21%) and Russia (-0.61%) both showed losses, according to the release. Among developed markets, 26 of 27 posted gains during the second quarter averaging 10.74%, with Japan as the lone decliner at -0.97%.

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For the month of June, 18 of the 25 emerging markets posted positive gains averaging 3.28%. Hungary and China posted double-digit gains of 11.22% and 10.59% respectively. Argentina (-3.26%), Jordan (-2.93%) and Morocco (-2.61%) all showed losses for the month.

Fourteen of the 27 developed markets posted an average gain of 0.65% in June. Ireland (-4.80%), Spain (-2.54%) and Switzerland (-2.35%) showed substantial declines. Slovenia posted an increase of 12.79% for the month, resulting in a 109% 12-month gain over the 12-month period.

The World By Numbers report for June can be accessed at www.standardandpoors.com/indices.