Coffee Makes Office Life Great

What fuels most workplaces? No surprise, the Coffee Break Survey says it is coffee, essential in networking and even helping some secure the best business deals.

Workers in the survey, released by coffee supplier Keurig Green Mountain Inc., report that coffee plays an important part in success in the office workplace, crediting it with playing a key role in business deals and driving their best work.

Most office workers (89%) say a good cup of coffee can improve their entire workday. Without that daily cup, coffee drinkers can experience a range of negative emotions and states: exhausted (36%), irritable (35%), unproductive (30%), disorganized (20%) or forgetful (14%).

Coffee makes good things happen in the office. Most (85%) also say having coffee with a client or colleague can be a great way to build relationships, and a similar majority (84%) agrees that good coffee in the office is an important perk. Workers cited other good reasons to visit the coffee machine, such as brainstorming or collaborating with others on a project (13%), or sparking their own creativity (9%).

Among other findings:

  • More than half (52%) wish their company would get better coffee for the office;
  • Workers (37%) like to visit the office coffee machine to catch up with coworkers; and
  • Some (16%) say coffee allows them to interact with the boss more casually (16%).