Classrooms Today Are Digital, Connected

As kids return to school, expect higher use of personal tech devices—because teachers value their place in education.

A majority of K-12 teachers (93%) believe that personal tech devices can be used to meaningfully connect classroom learning and real-world activities, according to recent research. Most of the teachers surveyed by the University of Phoenix College of Education expect the devices will be used in most classrooms in the next five years.

Teachers today are integrating technology into curriculum and their classrooms in a number of ways, including online research—79% of K-12 teachers have allowed students to research subjects using the Internet in class—and Web-based tools, used by 49% to help students improve writing and comprehension skills. Even Skype is being used, with 11% of those surveyed reporting they use the webcam-viewing platform or similar technology to bring in experts who otherwise would not have been able to join their classes.

The survey also found:

  • 62%have used games to simulate and supplement learning;
  • 36% have allowed students to use tools to produce their own video content;
  • 20% have used have used wikis, blogs or social media to spur student dialogue; and
  • 15% have connected their students to students in another school, city, state or country.