Cities with the Best Gas Prices

All of you road warriors know gas prices can add up, but it’s not as bad in some cities. recently compiled a list of cities where you can usually save more at the pump. Gas prices are higher than they were last year. According to, last week, the U.S. average for a gallon of unleaded was $2.63 and in January it was $2.72, up from $1.71 a year ago.  

And yet, despite the harrowing national average, some cities fall below that (though not quite under $2 like the good old days). In order to determine cities with the best gas prices in America, Forbes used data provided by GasBuddy organization, which administers a collection of local Web sites that post gas prices. Then they selected the 10 major U.S. cites with the lowest average regular unleaded gas prices for the 12 months ending January 4.

Southern cities seemed to dominate the top 10, but the best cities can be found in a variety of regions:

1. Spartanburg, S.C. (12-month average of $2.11).
2. Tulsa ($2.14)
3. Houston, Texas ($2.19)
4. Lubbock, Texas ($2.19)
5. Denver ($2.12)
6. Atlanta ($2.22)
7. Salt Lake City ($2.27)
8. Phoenix ($2.57)
9. Indianapolis ($2.33)
10. Detroit ($2.38)