Barclays Introduces Global Carbon Index

Barclays Capital has launched the Barclays Capital Global Carbon Index tracking the performance of carbon credits associated with the world's major greenhouse gas emissions trading schemes.
A Barclays news release said the index initially comprises a combination of two sub-indexes that track the performance of the carbon credits associated with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU Allowances) and the Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism (Certified Emission Reductions).
Barclays said its offering is the first benchmark for the rapidly growing carbon emissions markets.
The company said the index is governed by the Barclays Capital Environmental Markets Index Committee, a newly formed independent body comprising representatives from the carbon industry and members of the institutional investment community.
Barclays Capital will provide support and analytics for these indexes via Barclays Capital’s index Web site and other e-commerce channels, including Bloomberg, the announcement said.
The indexes are calculated daily and use standard settlement prices and market calendars most appropriate for international investors.