Amazing that Wi-Fi Came to Planes Before This…

At the 49th International Paris Air Show, many hi-tech features are being introduced. None may be as prominent or noticeable to travelers as this one.     

Many travelers have done it and probably all flight attendants have had to deal with it. Imagine – the drinks have all been distributed, possibly meals too but that’s doubtful, and the flight attendants can rest their feet for a few minutes at the back of the plane. Not before long they hear it… “Ding!” Someone in seat 22A needs assistance.

The flight attendant makes his or her way past the people in line for the bathroom, gets asked various other requests along the way, and finally arrives at seat 22A, only to hear “Oh, sorry, I was just trying to turn on the light and I hit the call button by accident.”

At the Paris Air Show, Boeing unveiled a new interior to its all-time best-selling 737 model that features (among other things) a redesigned flight attendant call button. The button is placed farther away from the other buttons and is shaped differently as well.   

“I feel we came up with a really good improvement,” Beverly Wyse, Boeing’s General Manager for the 737 program, told a Reuters reporter at the air show. She also said that 83% of the airlines in Boeing’s long order book for the 737 opt for the new interior.

Air travel is still a long way from being easy, but at least this is a “push” in the right direction.