401(k) Investments for the "Prurient" Investor?

Prudence is an integral part of ERISA’s DNA, but what about investments of a prurient interest?
Launched under the auspices of AdultVest, which describes its mission as facilitating “investment in the adult industry — by enabling a more efficient flow of information, and through the continued establishment of professionally managed investment vehicles designed to create transparency and liquidity for investors.”
“Since the Beginning of Time”
To date, AdultVest has launched two funds: the Priapus and the Bacchus Investment Funds — both of which are able to accept IRA and 401k money from accredited investors and qualified institutions. “This means money that may be sitting idle can be re-balanced into a market sector that has been around since the beginning of time,’ according to the firm. AdultVest also plans to launch a new fund later this year which will offer a collateralized preferred dividend as high as LIBOR plus 5%.
Founded by hedge fund veteran Francis Koenig, parent company AdultVest, Inc. represents some of the largest and best known adult entertainment companies in the market, and is the first and only investment firm to concentrate its practice exclusively on adult industry investments, mergers, and acquisitions, according to the press release..
The Company’s two core components are the Investment Group and the Business Group. The primary focus of the Investment Group (including the Bacchus Fund and the Priapus Fund) is on venture capital, private equity, and hedged investments, while the Business Group primarily provides business to business services — i.e. investment banking, capital introduction, consulting, licensing, and various other business services.
In the year ahead, the company will be hosting the first annual AdultVest investment conference in Los Angeles – geared to match institutional and accredited investors with “exciting adult industry related investment opportunities,’ according to a press release.
You can read more about the firm athttp://www.adultvest.com/