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Wednesday, January 25th, 2023
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Plan & Participant Service
The opportunity for retirement plan advisers to provide terrific plan service is greater than ever. There are a plethora of new product innovations; more knowledge and data of participant outcomes; and even more government incentives for retirement saving. But the challenges are also numerous, from fee compression to volatile markets to understandably distracted businesses and participants. This Spotlight newsletter showcases PLANADVISER’s coverage of the most recent trends in plan and participant services.
Savers Want Better Financial Management. How Can Advisers Reach Them?
New research shows an opening for advisers to offer wealth management solutions to savers. An expert in adviser communications says it’s important to know the business, and people, that you want to be your clients.
Research Shows Workers Favor Guaranteed Income Over Financial Wellness Tools
Almost half of respondents agreed annuities can offer safety and stability, though other research shows in-plan defined contribution annuities are not picking up among employers.
Financial Education Gap Remains Even as Provider Offerings Improve
Financial illiteracy may be costing the average American $1,819 per year, even as educational guidance and tools are advancing.
Regulatory and Statutory Changes Coming to Self-Corrections Programs
Plans will find more room to correct their own mistakes under SECURE 2.0 and a DOL proposed rule change.
Reconsidering Target-Date Funds After a Rocky 2022
Advisers and plan sponsors should consider both use and education around target-date funds after 2022 declines, according to new research from MFS.
Delta Taps Fidelity to Run New Emergency Savings Program
Starting in January, Delta will give eligible employees up to $1,000 toward an emergency savings account if they complete a financial education program.
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