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Wednesday, June 9th, 2021
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Solving Retirement Income
As the U.S. looks towards a ‘new normal’ and the much-hoped-for end of the coronavirus pandemic, there will be more time to focus on longstanding issues in the retirement planning space. In addition to the coverage gap, perhaps chief among these is the “decumulation” challenge and solving for retirement income. In that spirit, we hope the reporting collected below provides some new decumulation ideas, concepts and strategies for those working on this important topic.
Client Service
The New Retirement Income Vernacular
DCIIA has published a new glossary on esoteric retirement income terms that advisers may not have heard of.
Talking Taxes, Inflation and Bucket Strategies
Reflecting on the common conversations they are having with their near-retiree clients, advisers say there is broad certainty that taxes will increase in the future, and also a lot of fear about a market correction.
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Inflation and Rising Rates: What Our Managers Think
Uncertainty about inflation and yields creates both opportunities and challenges. Get insights from our portfolio team, along with solutions for today’s rate environment.
Despite Reservations, Sponsors’ Interest in Annuities is Growing
Advisers should be educated about annuities and how to analyze them to help plan sponsors decide the best products to use.
Client Service
Unintended Tax Consequences Arise When the RMD Date Shifts
The concept of extending the age at which one must begin drawing tax-sheltered savings as income in retirement is like candy, one source says: Everybody loves it, but too much of it can be a bad thing.
Data & Research
Advisers Need to Get Smarter About Life Expectancy
It can be a fraught and distressing topic of conversation, but an honest assessment of a client’s life expectancy is foundational to building an effective financial plan.
Client Service
When Asked About Benefit Trade-Offs, Participants Show Preference for Guarantees
The 2020 PLANSPONSOR Participant Survey also shows that company matches really matter to retirement plan participants.
DCIO Execs Talk ‘Battle-Tested’ Investment Process
TIPs, emerging market equities and commodity-oriented investments are seen as safe hedges right now.
Refining the Language of Retirement
Though the use of confusing jargon remains prevalent, new Invesco survey data suggests the financial services industry has made progress in improving understanding of the defined contribution plan system.
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