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Wednesday, April 27th, 2022
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Retirement Income
One of the first steps in solving for retirement income is rethinking the jargon that often gets used with plan sponsors. For example, most employees don’t know the difference between ‘in-plan’ and ‘out-of-plan’ income. There also needs to be collaboration among the plan’s stakeholders, meaning that the asset manager, consultant and plan sponsor need to work together to present straightforward income solutions. Find the latest on retirement income below. 
Data & Research
Guaranteed Income Options May Boost Retirement Confidence
Interest in access to guaranteed lifetime income in retirement rose during the pandemic, but education and adoption has been slow.
Compliance Consult
Guaranteed Lifetime Income
Plan fiduciaries have a safe path to offering the products and features.
New RMD Rules Mean the End of an Era for IRAs
Advisers should revisit planning for those who were counting on the 'stretch‘ IRA.
The Markets
Little-Known Risk Threatens Baby Boomers Golden Years
Though their solutions and strategies vary, advisers agree that sequence of returns risk can devastate a retirement portfolio.
The Markets
Investments That Protect Participant Assets From Inflation
Exposures can be offered as standalone investments on via target-date funds.
The Markets
Participants May Be Hesitant to Invest in Lifetime Income Products
U.S. workers’ interest in putting money into investments that guarantee a portion of retirement income fell in 2021 from the previous year, a new survey shows. But experts say that data should come with some context.
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