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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021
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Financial Wellness
Greetings PLANADVISER readers and thank you for opening the second PLANADVISER Spotlight newsletter of the year, focused on the timely and evolving topic of financial wellness. Experienced and novice advisers alike will know there is little consensus about how to define the concept of financial wellness in the context of employer sponsored retirement plans. That said, as explored in the following articles, industry practitioners are hard at work seeking ways to better link short-term and long-term financial priorities.
Data & Research
Advisers Need to Realize Retirees’ Spending Needs Change Over Time
A new EBRI issue brief says there are four major things retirees focus on at any given time, but spending during retirement is even more nuanced than it might appear.
Client Service
How to Get Participants More Engaged in Financial Wellness Programs
Access via several means is key, as is meeting people where they are.
The Markets
Remember to Give the Gift of Rebalancing
As one expert tells PLANADVISER, repositioning portfolios after the recent run-up in risk asset prices could help mitigate future volatility.
Client Service
Advisers Giving Back: Rita Fiumara and the Financial Literacy Gap
Providing Barron’s magazine subscriptions to graduate students at her alma mater is one way Rita Fiumara, a retirement plan specialist at UBS, hopes to help improve financial literacy in the U.S.
The Markets
Economic Recovery Started in 4Q20, Charles Schwab Says
The lingering question is what speed the recovery will take.
Warn Your Clients: Don’t Abuse Coronavirus Hardship Withdrawals
Though retirement plans can allow individuals to self-certify that they qualify for a penalty-free coronavirus-related distribution, should the IRS discover otherwise during a future audit, a participant can be subject to substantial penalties.
Client Service
Congress Extends Student Loan Repayment Provision to 2025
Employers will be allowed to make tax-free contributions of up to $5,250 per employee annually toward eligible education expenses, including tuition or student loan assistance.
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