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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021
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Solving Retirement Income
One of the first steps in solving for retirement income is rethinking the jargon that often gets used with plan sponsors. For example, most employers don’t know the difference between ‘in-plan’ and ‘out-of-plan’ income. There also needs to be collaboration among the plan’s stakeholders, meaning that the asset manager, consultant and plan sponsor need to work together to present straightforward income solutions.
The Markets
Considering Annuities As an Answer to Fixed Income in a Low Rate Environment
Experts speaking during a webinar said annuities provide an alternative to bonds that reduces longevity and sequence-of-return risks.
The Markets
Asset Managers Weigh In on DC Plan Investment Trends
They foresee growth in the use of CITs, retirement income products and ESG investments.
The Markets
Op-Ed: Modernizing Fixed Income in Plan Lineups: Addressing Four Key Challenges
Janus Henderson’s Adam Hetts takes a deep dive into the risk and reward of fixed-income investments in plan lineups, identifying some pressing challenges that deserve plan advisers’ attention and action.
Data & Research
Employees Favor Retirement Plans That Substitute Annuities for Bonds
A survey also found nearly half of employees prefer to have a mix of investments and lifetime income over either traditional pensions or investments alone.
The Markets
Assessing Available Retirement Income Options
An overview of the insured and investment solutions that are available and how advisers should evaluate them.
Mississippi Is Latest State to Embrace NAIC Annuity Sales Rules
Supporters of the NAIC annuity transaction suitability model say a fiduciary-only approach to annuity purchase advice would limit consumer choice—a claim its opponents dispute.
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