WMSI Expands Call Center Platform

WMSI has launched a new call center platform with expanded capabilities.

The platform provides clients with the flexibility to aggregate unlimited plan, participant and adviser data feeds from internal, external and vendor sources into one centralized processing platform to provide retirement plan participants in transition with better education about their distribution options and opportunities to preserve their savings for retirement. Utilizing WMSI’s Web-based platform, clients can create a centralized system that can be accessed easily by call center representatives in multiple locations, and clients can benefit from straight-through processing efficiencies for multiple transaction types.  

The WMSI platform is designed specifically for call centers in the retirement services industry to help representatives process retirement-related transactions in the most efficient way possible, the company said. The offering also enables clients to create and leverage customized workflows and logic in support of each transaction type.  

Initially designed with individual retirement account (IRA) rollovers in mind, WMSI has expanded the platform’s servicing features to support several additional types of transactions, including retirement plan enrollments, plan-to-plan rollovers, annuity processing, distribution processing and fund mapping elections. WMSI’s technology can also repurpose recordkeeping data to facilitate product account openings or to channel lead referrals to advisers. The system provides clients with the flexibility to customize the user interface to provide meaningful, real-time guidance to their representatives during point of call.  

The system also provides clients with optional features outside the call center environment, such as the ability to run on-demand custom reports and data mining queries, and the ability to print personalized marketing collateral using WMSI’s in-house print and fulfillment capabilities. WMSI can also create and provide files to print vendors on behalf of their clients.  

“In today’s competitive retirement landscape, increasing assets under management is highly dependent upon a firm’s ability to leverage data to deliver more personalized services and value to customers in point of service interactions,” said John Geli, CEO of WMSI. “Our call center platform is a very cost effective way for firms to harness data, streamline process flows and enhance customer interactions to yield quantifiable results.”  

For more information about WMSI, visit www.wealthmsi.com.