Website Created for Nonqualified Plan Sponsors

 Captrust launched a website that offers a new perspective on best practices for nonqualified deferred compensation plans (NQDCs).

In addition to offering an overview of what the firm calls “Five Components of a Successful Nonqualified Plan Strategy,” the website provides a number of interactive tools.

Benchmark My Plan is one such tool and allows nonqualified plan sponsors to see how their plan compares against others. The site also offers the NQIQuiz, a test of plan sponsors’ knowledge of NQDCs, as well as a Plan Review tool that enables sponsors to upload plan-related documents and receive complimentary nonqualified plan due diligence review.

“The new website presents plan sponsors with a comprehensive framework for how to think about their plan, what some of the common pitfalls are, and how to address them to make their plan work for both the company and participants,” said Mike Curran, Captrust senior vice president of nonqualified executive benefits.