UBS Launches Family of ETNs

Eight UBS E-TRACS Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) have begun trading on NYSE Arca.
According to a press release, UBS E-TRACS belong to an “..innovative class of investment products offering easy access to markets and strategies that had not been readily available to individual investors.’
ETNs are primarily used as access products, combining exposure to various markets like futures and commodities with the investment ease of listed securities. These ETNs track the performance of the UBS Bloomberg Constant Maturity Commodity Index (CMCI), the first benchmark commodity index to diversify across both commodities and maturities, according to the firm.
The first eight products are linked to corresponding UBS Bloomberg CMCI indices, and traded on NYSE Arca under the following ticker symbols:
  • CMCI Index (UCI),
  • CMCI Agriculture Index (UAG),
  • CMCI Livestock Index (UBC),
  • CMCI Industrial Metals Index (UBM),
  • CMCI Food Index (FUD),
  • CMCI Energy Index (UBN),
  • CMCI Gold Index (UBZ), and
  • CMCI Silver Index (USV).
UBS E-TRACs are senior unsecured notes issued by UBS AG, and can be bought and sold through a broker or financial advisor. For more information about UBS E-TRACs, check out