Two Massachusetts Firms Announce Merger

A partnership between Boston Wealth Management (BWM) and Marathon Retirement & Pension Consulting (Marathon RPC) brings joint assets to more than $500 million.

The Massachusetts-based independent wealth advisory firms say the merger will result in improved services for small- and mid-sized retirement plans. The partnership will operate under the Boston Wealth Management brand, providing investment advice to pension plans, 401(k) plans and high-net-worth individuals. The deal brings together two industry professionals to lead the combined organization, Phillip Wong and Aaron Spelker, with decades of experience in the retirement planning industry.

“This merger makes it possible for BWM to provide new and enhanced services to our current and future clients in a way that few other companies our size are capable of,” says Wong, owner and founder of BWM. “What I am most proud of is our shared commitment to ensuring that every individual—whether they are in a pension fund, own a 401(k), or are managing their own retirement—knows that they can live comfortably after they retire.”

Wong will continue as managing director of BWM, managing the firm’s investment portfolios and providing investment advice. Spelker, founder of Marathon RPC, is named the head of BWM’s institutional investment department, and will join the company’s investment committee to assist in the investment construction, guidance, and philosophy of the firm.

“I am excited to join forces with BWM,” says Spelker. “This partnership will allow BWM to better assist its clients by providing advisory services for the entire retirement investment spectrum.”