Trust Builders Releases Distribution Strategy for Retirement Income

Trust Builders, Inc., provider of educational solutions for retirement planning, made available a distribution strategy utilizing tax management to extend retirement income.

According to a press release, the Tax Wise Distribution Strategy maximizes the advantage of the tax basis of each individual account. It reduces taxes and helps a participant determine how to both distribute income in retirement and accumulate assets for the planned distribution, the company said.

The distribution method is based on a client’s marginal tax bracket, as well as on the client’s allocation between pre-tax (e.g. 401(k)) and after tax (e.g. Roth) monies.

Trust Builders also offers a white paper detailing various distribution strategies and models and illustrating the Tax Wise Distribution Strategy. “Distribution and Accumulation Strategies for Retirement Planning” is available here.

The company said the strategy is available as part of the Gap Analysis tool in Trust Builders’ The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK). The firm works with broker/dealers, independent financial advisers, registered representatives, and registered investment advisers across.

More information is available at 503.831.1111 or