Transamerica Unveils Retirement Savings Game


Beware of the money trolls, creatures that portray setbacks to saving for retirement in a new Facebook game.


Transamerica Retirement Services’ Stash & Dash allows players to collect coins representing different ways of earning income. They then must be deposited along the way to earn interest.

The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as possible. But the money trolls can take some of those coins away.

Those trolls represent unexpected expenses like having to pay a parking ticket or buy a new cell phone, said David Shute, vice president of marketing for Transamerica Retirement Services.

The game consists of three segments of retirement in 15-year increments. More trolls challenge users as the game progresses, just as people saving for retirement face more challenges as they age, Shute said.

Players can invite friends to try and beat their scores. They can also post their scores on their Facebook wall.

Ultimately, Shute said, he hopes users take away the importance of saving for retirement. “We’re not trying to be FarmVille,” he told PLANADVISER, referring to the popular Facebook game. “We’re trying to create awareness on the topic.”

The free game is available here or through the Apple iTunes store.