The Principal Releases Guide Based on 10 Best Companies

A new guide from The Principal shows how 10 companies protected their financial security during the economic downturn by helping protect the financial security of employees.

The new benefits best practices guide tells how The Principal 10 Best Companies for Employee Financial Security 2009 remained committed to strong employee benefits, even during the worst part of the economic downturn. “Taking care of your employees takes care of everything else. They are your greatest asset,” said Glenn Siler, president and CEO, Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union, one of The Principal 10 Best 2009, in an announcement.

According to the announcement, the guide is a useful resource for benefits brokers and advisers and their clients, offering:

  • a benchmarking chart for comparing their benefits with those of The Principal 10 Best Companies and national averages,
  • checklists that can help companies fine-tune their benefits programs, and
  • case studies that describe how The Principal 10 Best Companies navigated the economic crisis.

The Principal 10 Best Companies found ways to strike a balance between budgets and benefits despite unprecedented financial pressures, Principal said. The new guide delves into the best practices of these organizations, whose stories range from rebuilding entire benefit programs to making simple but effective enhancements (see “Principal Announces 10 Best for Employee Financial Security 2009”). Organizations profiled range from banks and credit unions to foundations, associations and publishers.