State Street Launches Private Equity Index

State Street Corporation has launched the State Street Private Equity Index.

The index is based on the latest quarterly statistics from State Street Investment Analytics’ Private Edge Group, which provides detailed analyses of customers’ private equity portfolios through a web-enabled environment.

Comprised of data including more than 1,300 private equity partnerships with a total fund size in excess of $1.1 trillion, the State Street Private Equity Index will allow private equity investors to evaluate their performance against their peers across a broad and representative sample of investments, according to a press release.

However, the firm says that, unlike other indices, the State Street Private Equity Index does not rely on voluntary reporting of cash flows from general partners in order to calculate returns. As a result, the firm says that the Index provides an accurate representation of private equity holdings across all funds, without any reporting bias.

The State Street Private Equity Index includes data derived from the client base of The Private Edge Group covering public and private pensions, endowments and foundations, representing more than 4,000 commitments totaling over $150 billion.

State Street Investment Analytics (SSIA) services are provided through offices located around the world, including Alameda, Amsterdam, Boston, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Luxemburg, New York, Paris, Sydney, Toronto and Zurich. SSIA calculates performance for over 800 clients globally on asset volumes exceeding $4.5 trillion, providing private equity performance and analytics services through The Private Edge Group since 1994.