Securian Adds QR Codes to Participant Statements

Securian has added a QR (quick response) code to retirement plan participants’ quarterly account statements and envelopes.

When scanned with a smart phone equipped with a camera and the reader application, the QR code directs participants to Securian Retirement’s mobile site to obtain current account balances, contribution rates and personal rates of return on their retirement accounts.   

Securian Retirement’s mobile site, designed and built in-house, does not attempt to replicate all the information on the full website. Rather, it provides the information people want frequently and quickly. The mobile site appears automatically when viewed from a smartphone and is designed for easy use.   

“We pushed the account contact links up to the top of the screen, kept the copy concise, included one-touch embedded links, and made the navigation simple and intuitive,” said Rick Ayers, vice president, Retirement Plans.