RobustWealth Launches Robo Adviser

The platform will offer private label funds run with a combination of active and passive management.

RobustWealth has launched its new robo adviser platform offering private label, institutional investment solutions. 

The platform integrates various services including behavioral glide path algorithms, tax-loss harvesting and volatility mitigation overlays. It is designed to support advisers rather than compete with them, the firm says.

Advisers can use the digital solution for financial data aggregation, goal-based investing, and a combination of active and passive investment management in an open architecture format. The platform also allows advisers to load their own portfolio strategies. Advisers can customize their portfolios with goal-based construction. The firm’s private label funds encompass various asset classes including equities, fixed income, real estate, and commodities.

The firm notes, “RobustWealth deploys a proprietary intelligent rebalancing algorithm. In addition to incorporating sophisticated volatility harvesting technology, we also take into account diversification, drift, target asset allocation, tax outcomes, and trading costs. We help advisers efficiently and systematically stay on top of client portfolios when market volatility is high, taking the emotion out of rebalancing. Volatility and tax harvesting has been shown to improve returns over the long-run. It is a more intelligent way to consider rebalancing opportunities.”

The robo adviser also features billing/remittance support, document vaults, and electronic account opening. 

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