RightBRIDGE Rollover Analysis Integrated With Retirement Learning Center

The partnership gives RightBRIDGE users access to detailed employer-sponsored plan data.

CapitalROCK, the developer of RightBRIDGE, has announced a partnership with Retirement Learning Center (RLC). It has integrated its RightBRIDGE Rollover Analysis with RLC, giving users access to detailed employer-sponsored plan data.

Brian Hendricks, chief operating officer (COO) of CapitalROCK, calls the integration “an excellent solution for what the current regulatory climate requires. We believe that the RightBRIDGE Rollover Analysis provides the fastest and best documented rollover process on the market. Our partnership with RLC advances that even further by giving our users superior plan data that you can typically only find through hours of exhaustive research.”

“We view the partnership with CapitalROCK as a natural fit,” adds RLC President John Carl. “Our combined solution goes a long way in satisfying the adviser’s conduct of care requirements and allows them to demonstrate a true mastery of the plan environment prior to recommending a rollover. RLC’s proprietary database of detailed plan snapshots accounts for roughly 85% of Americans participating in their employer’s plan. Given what Reg BI [Regulation Best Interest] as well as the new DOL [Department of Labor] exemption require, the timing for a partnership that combines detailed plan data with thoughtful analysis and documentation seems perfect.”