Retire Ready Now Creates Personalized Participant Reports for Advisers

All retirement plan advisers need to do is provide plan census data.
Retire Ready Solutions is now creating personalized participant reports for advisers. Making the service available to current customers of its The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK) and other services as well as to those who are not customers, Retire Ready says it produces the reports from plan census data, which the adviser must provide. Retire Ready can return the reports to advisers either electronically or via mail, or send them directly to participants.

The reports show the participant his current contributions and retirement projection, giving him actionable suggestions on how much to increase his contribution and how that increase will affect his take-home pay today.

“Advisers have found these reports to be instrumental in motivating participants” at enrollment and education meetings, says Edward Dressel, president of Retire Ready Solutions. “Many advisers see deferrals increase two to three times, as well as discover additional unmanaged assets that are rolled into the plan.”

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