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Qualified plan adviser votes78
Overall perception among plan advisers
Very favorable14%
Somewhat favorable37%
Not favorable44%
No opinion5%
Plan adviser experience with provider
Worked with many times35%
Worked with a few times28%
Worked with once8%
Never worked with29%
Top 10 service categories
Wholesalers4 votes
Fee structure for advisers3 votes
Overall service to micro plans3 votes
Overall service to small plans3 votes
Value for price2 votes
Plan sponsor client service2 votes
Plan participant support2 votes
Adviser sales/marketing support2 votes
Plan sponsor education materials1 vote
Participant education materials1 vote


Retirement Plan Adviser Survey

Many Facets of Value: When selecting investment managers, advisers' top concern is performance, whereas when choosing a recordkeeper, value for price is top of mind.