2014 Retirement Plan Adviser Survey


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Great-West Retirement Services^

Qualified plan adviser votes153
Overall perception among plan advisers
Very favorable42.3%
Somewhat favorable34.3%
Not favorable10.5%
No opinion13.0%
Plan adviser experience with provider
Worked with many times41.2%
Worked with a few times29.6%
Worked with once11.1%
Never worked with18.1%
Top 10 service categories
1  Overall service to micro plans42 votes
2  Overall service to small plans37 votes
3  Best value for price28 votes
4  Fee structure for advisers24 votes
5  Best wholesalers22 votes
6  Adviser sales/marketing support20 votes
6  Adviser support post-sale20 votes
8  Plan participant support17 votes
8  Plan sponsor support17 votes
10  Value added adviser services15 votes


Retirement Plan Adviser Survey

Many Facets of Value: When selecting investment managers, advisers' top concern is performance, whereas when choosing a recordkeeper, value for price is top of mind.